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Stefanie Nagorka intuitive counseling


Stefanie Nagorka intuitive counseling

"In the three decades since a business acquaintance introduced me to Rev. Stefanie, I have periodically turned to her for guidance.  Her astonishing insights, understanding, and guidance about what is and what will be -- always presented with patience, goodness, wisdom, kindness, and sometimes with spirit-lifting humor -- have been among the greatest blessings in my life."       -- S.D., New York, NY

Inspired guidance with Rev. Stefanie supports you as you consider challenges in work, personal life and health.  You relax into the loving and clear guidance Rev. Stef provides for increased awareness, insight, understanding, and personal growth.  Opportunities and potentials yet unseen are revealed, and you discover solutions to your life challenges.   Guidance often resonates as confirmation of what you already sense through your own intuition, providing affirmation that you are on the right path.

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