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“My deepest desire is to support you in living a prosperous, fulfilling and joyous life. Helping you to see your options clearly so that you can take your next step with courage and conviction is my passion."

"Early in life I became aware that I had been given the precious gift of intuition, insight and understanding. My mother is a spiritual counselor and my first teacher. From the age of thirteen I sat in “psychic development circles”, learning to focus my innate abilities. Mom aways taught me to use my intuition and psychic ability to help others, to remain positive because a negative statement can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I hold Mom’s teachings very dear to my heart, and understand the great gift I have been given and the responsibility to share it wisely and with love."

"Change is a powerful force always at work in life. But when stuck, we don’t see the way to create positive change. Wherever you find yourself in life, there is hope and possibility for improvement and change. Through client feedback I know that my energy is often a catalyst for positive change. For me, there’s no greater joy than being a catalyst for growth, for channeling loving guidance and contributing to your growth and transformation. Helping you to see your options clearly so that you can take your next step with courage and conviction is my passion.”


Rev. Stefanie Nagorka, M.F.A., M.S.S., is a teacher, Interdenominational minister, artist, and intuitive counselor. A highly-trained, compassionate, and penetrating artist/sensitive, Rev. Stef carries forward a tradition of service established in Washington, D.C. by her parents: the Reverends Diane S. Nagorka and Henry J. Nagorka. She offers her clients a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in more than thirty years activity in spiritual healing, parapsychology, esoteric arts and psychic development. Rev. Stefanie was ordained by the National Spiritual Science Center, Washington, D.C. in 1975, after a four-year course of study in metaphysical philosophy, world religion, the esoteric arts, and ministerial training. She received an M.F.A. from Pratt Institute in 1977. She founded and directed the Spiritual Science Center of New York from 1979 - 1986. She teaches classes and workshops in psychic development, creating prosperity, and harnessing your creativity. Rev. Stef consults with clients in New York City, northern New Jersey, and internationally on the phone.


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