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Spiritual Counseling
In Intuitive Counseling and Short Term Counseling, Rev. Stefanie meets you where you are, in this moment and provides insight and loving guidance designed to help you take your next step. Rev. Stefanie is a mirror, reflecting back to you the light of your soul, which contains all of the answers and information you need.

Intuitive Counseling
What is a session like?
Each session is fifty minutes long. During the first 20 - 25 minutes, Rev. Stefanie tunes in to your energies and tells you what she perceives. Through this first segment, Rev. Stefanie acts as a channel for “Spirit”, the collective forces of good, including our spirit guides, family, teachers, and masters, who provide inspired guidance and insights. This may include general and specific information about your emotional life, work life, health and other matters. The information may touch upon the past, present and future. Rev. Stefanie works within the belief that the future is not absolute. Today we create our tomorrows. Before you come for your session, take some time to reflect upon your concerns. Make a list of questions. Often times Rev. Stefanie's inspired words answer your questions before you ask them.

Short Term Counseling
In this series of four to eight private counseling sessions, Rev. Stefanie helps you define and work through immediate life challenges. The work begins with defining your primary concerns. The next step is identifying possible solutions and finally, the creation of an outline of a course of action that will bring healing, resolution, and new positive growth.



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