Planning a Funeral or Memorial Service

Spiritual or secular rite of passage

Short notice or long term planning

Opportunity to create your own ceremony or use a universal template


Location is flexible

Serving with inspiration, integrity and compassion since 1974



The funeral is a rite of passage which is often planned quickly and with great emotional distress. At this challenging time, Rev. Stefanie acts as an informed and inspired guide in creating the funeral service which celebrates the life of the one who has passed, and embodies hope and emotional support for those attending.

Rev. Stefanie is available to work with you in advance to write the funeral service for a loved one who is near their time of passage. When death occurs suddenly, Rev. Stefanie will provide a format for the funeral service which reflects the beliefs and culture of the family and loved ones. When a funeral is not possible immediately after passing, a memorial service held several weeks after our loved one passes on is a positive way to acknowledge and celebrate their life.

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