Planning Your Wedding Vows or Commitment Ceremonies

Spiritual or secular vows
Short notice or long term planning

Opportunity to create your own ceremony Pre-marriage counseling available

Non-denominational - All ages -
All Backgrounds
Renewal of Vows

Location is flexible

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Rev. Stefanie adeptly guides you through a series of three positive and inspiring sessions to prepare for your wedding/commitment vows and ceremony. As you enter into the process of writing, she will help you create vows which reflect your unique beliefs and personal commitment to each other. She will also help you with the emotional and spiritual aspects of preparing for your marriage/commitment.

Rev. Stefanie works with couples of all ages and faiths. Her approach is particularly suitable for interfaith couples and couples from diverse backgrounds.

Initial Consultation
Meet with Rev. Stefanie to discuss your wedding/commitment plans and explore the possibilities of writing your vows. You incur no obligation for this service.

First session
Preparing the vows
Rev. Stefanie presents several versions of the wedding/commitment vows, from which you may select or rewrite according to your own beliefs and special commitment to each other. Rev. Stefanie is available for support over the phone and email as you rewrite or make changes to the vows.

Second Session
Rehearsal (optional)
We meet and walk through the ceremony, making last minute corrections or changes.

Third session
The wedding/commitment
Rev. Stefanie officiates at your ceremony.



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